Speed Up Mac

Speed up your Mac using this efficient Mac performance optimization tool. It can optimize Mac performance for all Mac OS X versions, including Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The software has very simple interface to improve Mac performance.

Optimize Mac Performance

Slow Mac performance is a very big issue for all Macintosh users. We have this Speed Up Mac software to fix all the slow performance issues. It helps you optimize Mac performance by removing the unwanted files, application, and directories. Speeding up Mac is pretty easy with this advanced utility as it provides an interactive graphical user interface.

The software lets you improve Mac performance by deleting unwanted files, system junks, logs, caches, and preferences files. You can preview music files, videos, and images using this speed up Mac utility before completely removing them. It has a scheduler that allows you to clean your Mac at a specified time on specified day in the week or hour in day.

Speeding Mac Performance Features:

  • Improve Mac Performance on all major versions of Mac OS X operating system including Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger.
  • Removes unwanted files, caches, system logs and uninstalls unused applications. It also easily removes the duplicate files that takes lots of disk space and kills system speed.
  • Simply deleting an application or moving it to Trash Bin does not actually remove it. The application lets you simply uninstall the application by dragging and dropping it.
  • Deletes all system caches, including system caches, user caches, and iOS photo caches, and logs like system logs, and user logs. It also removes universal binaries, trashes, and system junks.
  • You can speed up your Mac easily using this application as of its interactive and easy-to-use interface. The Do It Yourself application does not demand sound technical skills.
  • Its your answer to all your ‘how to speed up my Mac?’ questions. The software works in all cases of system speed issues and gives your Mac a completely new speed.
  • It has a Mac style Quick Look button that lets you preview the files before you actually remove them. The option is available for all multimedia files, like pictures, songs, and videos.
  • If you want the application to automatically optimize Mac performance, then you can use the scheduler feature. It cleans your Mac on scheduled time.
  • It can find and remove files on the basis of File Extension. You can use the filter to find the unwanted files and them remove them permanently.
  • Once you attach any external storage media to your system, this software automatically cleans it for speeding up Mac. It removes DS_STORE, RECYCLED, and junk folders from the devices.

Use free evaluation version of the Speed Up Mac application to see all the files that are decreasing the system performance. It lists the files that are required to be removed for speeding up Mac performance.